Setting Learner Expectation

The following is a list of clear grading criteria that clarifies learner expectations for each assessment:

Each graded item is explained clearly in the syllabus accompanied by a percentage designation and in the corresponding assignments or activities.

The grading criteria detail how each items score correlates to the specific requirements for each assignment or activity (this can be done using a rubric).

For ungraded items, it is still important to specify expectations in order to make learners aware of the criteria for excellent performance and/or work.

The graded items are recorded in the online grade book. This approach is not uniform across all LMSs.

The online grade book allows learners to track their progress within the course and check immediately when a grade has been assigned.


The specific requirements for individual assignments are not outlined in the syllabus, but rather in the assignments section of your online course.

The following items must be communicated to the learner for each online assignment and activity: